Residential Landscaping

Cap-City offers a terrific range of residential services for your lawn and garden. We do everything from simple seasonal maintenance to total replantings, renovations, and outdoor overhauls.

Please take some time to check out our services below:

Spring Cleanups: Leave the Spring cleanup to the professionals! Services include power rake, aeration, trimming, first cut, power edging, pruning, and fertilizer application.

Fall Cleanups: Esthetically pleasing and can help prevent the growth of fungi and diseases over the winter months. Services include pruning, removal of leaves and debris, aeration, final season cut, and fall fertilizer application.

Sod Installation: A greener, better-looking lawn is just a phone call away. All of our sod is delivered right to your door – moist, cut, rolled, and ready. All you have to do is water! Installation services are also available.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Landscaping Preparation: If you just need a touch up, or are getting ready to plant, Cap-City has the services you need with our grade assistance plans.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Landscaping Materials: Need to get the best materials for your yard’s transformation? Our company offers a wide variety of top-quality trees, shrubs, plants, stones, mulch, and more.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Concrete Edging: Enhance your landscape design with attractive, cost efficient, styles, colours, and patterns of permanent concrete curbing. A durable, low maintenance and elegant way to increase curb appeal for years to come.

Please click here to learn more about concrete edging!

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Power Rake:

Why Power Rake? It removes the accumulation of dead grass better known as thatch. Too much thatch blocks water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil. It also makes your grass fluffy.

What’s Aeration for? It makes your lawn healthier by improving air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. This works to provide the root zone with greater access to air, water, nutrients and fertilizer.